Filipinos Vietnam War Military Service

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Soldier’s Home State of (military) Record or State of Residence:

California **

Hawaii *  

Philippines ***



BNR-Body Not Recovered

BR-Body Recovered

DOW- Died of Wounds

KIA-Killed in Action

MIA-Missing in Action

POW-Prisoner of War

SWA-Seriously wounded in action by missile



Roland C. Ababon * born 7/25/1949; died 2/2/2001; buried Indiantown Gap (PA) National Cemetery; Army SP5


Robert Abregano * born 12/27/1948 Waipahu Hawaii; died 4/10/2004 Kaiser Hosp; buried Nat Mem Cem of the Pacific; employed @ Pearl Harbor Navy Public Work Center


Pepito Rivera Aceret * born11/9/1942; died 12/7/1969 Quang Nam S. Vietnam of vehicle crash/crash Army Sp5 156th GS Co 80th GS Group


Benjamin Acierto born 3/23/1937 Waimea Kauaai; died Wahiawa Gen Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army SP4


Ben V. Acohido * Army postwar: retired Col; historian, community activist & advocate Lifetime Service Award Lapulapu; Wahiawa Neighborhood Board


German Portacio Acosta *** 5/27/1922-6/25/1965 Navy SD1 KIA, S.Vietnam


Joe Quezon Adawag * born 11/17/1939 Philippines; died 9/22/1998 Kaiser Hospital; buried Schofield Barracks Post Cemetery Navy PO1; postwar: Navy’s retired mess specialist


Restituto Poblete Adenir *** 9/2/1939-10/29/1965 Navy SD3 KIA S.Vietnam


Rosendo Renolo Agag born 10/30/1947 San Narciso Zambales; died 6/22/2003 Queen’s Medical Center Hawaii; buried Hawaiian State Veteran’s Cemetery; post war: retired Hawaii Nat Guard Sgt


Eugenio Vicente Agana born 11/15/1926; died 3/17/1999; buried Willamette Nat Cemetery Portland Oregon; MSgt Air Force; also Korean War Vet


William Aganos * born 11/1/1943; died 6/12/2006; buried Maui Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; SP4 Army


Jack Edward Agapay ** born 9/6/1945; died 4/30/2003; buried Riverside Nat. Cemetery Army Pfc


Felipe Tunae Agbayani


Florentino Ramos Agcaoili * born 8/30/1939 Philippines; died 12/31/2000; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery retired Navy Petty Officer 1st Class


Marshall Rodriguez Agcaoili born 1/31/1938; died 12/26/2000; buried Quantico Virginia Nat Cemetery Army SP5


Conrad R. Agcolicol born 2/19/1936; died 6/8/2005; buried Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery; Army SgtM


Virgilio “Leo” Agcolicol born Philippines; Pres. United Filipino Council of Hawaii 1982-84; Outstanding Filipinos of Maui Hawaii 1906-2006; also a banker, civic leader & radio personality


Mario Corpuz Agliam born 1/19/1947; died 3/9/2003; buried Brgy Rotrotooc Cemetery Mayantoc Tarlac Philippines Navy MSC


Manolo Briones Agnes *** 1/18/1948-7/4/1971 Navy EM3 Non-Hos. died-Other



Rodrigo Obado Agor born 11/20/1926 Kekaha Kauai; died 9/20/2004; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Sfc, also Korean War & WW11 veteran


Robert Andrada Agsalda * born 8/13/1949 Vintar Ilocos Norte Philippines; died 12/16/2004 Queens Med Center; also Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard electrical engineer & control desk manager


Herbert Joseph Aguigui born 11/21/1928; died 1/30/1987; buried Nat Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; SSgt Army, also a Korean War Veteran


Adriano Caldito Aguinaldo ** born 5/17/1927 Philippines; died 9/6/1997; buried Glen Abbey Memorial Park Bonita Ca; Navy SHC, also Korean & WW11 veteran


Patriamor (Amor) Agullana Army Sp4


John Edward Akino, Jr born 12/6/1939; died 10/4/1965; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; USMC Cpl


Gregory Paterno Alabado  born 9/23/1934 Philippines; died 7/22/2009 Chula Vista; CWO USN post war: retired from the Navy;  Filvets activist, journalist retired Public Transit Admin of Chula Vista, served as an officer @ the Council of Philippine American Organization of S. Diego County (COPAO


Mario Abinsay Albalos* 10/30/19500 Vigan I. Sur Phil-3/3/1991 Honolulu, Hawaii; Navy Skc buried Nat. Mem Cemetery of the Pacific also an Ilocano writer, a recipient Hawaii Thomas Jefferson 1981 award; Pres. Oahu Fil Community Council


Guillermo Alejo *


Alfred “Opu” Alfonso * died 9/11/2006 also Korean War & WW11 (2nd Filipino Inf Regt & Alamo Scouts)


Albert Feliciano “Sonny” Alfonso* 8/5/1925 Honolulu-1/15/2006 Waipahu buried Nat. Mem. Cemetery of the Pacific, Army, Col. also WW11 & Korea


 Ricardo Alip * 4/20/1928-10/21/1984 buried Nat. Mem. Cemetery of the Pacific, Army Sgt 1st Class, also a Korean veteran


Lester Warren Alipio * born 11/27/1949; died 2/18/1971 of stroke in S. Vietnam; Army, Sgt.


Pabie Paco Amasol # born 6/27/1946 Philippines; died 3/12/1999 St Francis-West Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army SP4 post-war: employed @ Pearl Harbor; resident of Makakilo Hawaii


Jose Bolosan Amodo * born 11/6/1939 Ilocos N. Phil; died 10/14/2003 Kaneohe; buried Hawaiian State Vet. Cem. Air Force AIC


Wilfredo Balagot Andrada * born 5/20/1941; died 9/21/1969; Army Sgt, KIA Quang NgaiS. Vietnam


Francisco “Frank” Ariola, Jr. * 6/8/1931 (Kahua Lahaina Mui HI) - 1/26/2004

       (Las Vegas) Army Staff Sgt also a Korean War Veteran & a professional musician


Frederico Arnado * born 7/14/1938; died 3/7/1967 South Vietnam Casualty; USMC SSgt


Elpidio Allen Arquero born 5/14/1939; died 5/7/1967 South Vietnam Casualty; USMC SSgt B Co BLT 1/3


Rudy Asercion





Edwin “Eddy” Bactad born 4/11/1943 Waimea; died 8/6/2006 Queen’s Medical Center; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Sgt; post-war NAVMAG major of operations & former city police officer


Vincent Badayos born 9/7/1944 Waipahu; died 2/16/2000 Honolulu; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Sgt; post war: Wesco electrical parts salesman


Candido “Pop” Badua *** born 6/12/1924 Philippines CIVILIAN POW (employer Voice of America) 1/31/1968 Hue South Vietnam, released 1/29/1973 Hanoi Hilton w/ fellow POW- Arturo Balagot; postwar: immigrated to U.S. 1973 died 9/23/1923 Straub Hospital Hawaii r/t near drowning accident 9/22/1923 @ Kuhio Beach


Alejandro Birri Bagaso *** 2/26/1929-9/29/1968 Army Spc KIA S. Vietnam


Arturo Mendoza Balagot *** born 3/25/1925 Philippines CIVILIAN POW 2/1/1968-3/5/1973 released w/ Candido Badua


Pacifico Lorenzo Baligad born 1/23/1941; died 3/4/1973; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Sp5


Oseas Lipata Baloyot born 12/1/1921 Makaweli Kauai; died 2/21/2007; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Sfc (Ret) Army; also WW11 veteran Pfc Army; post-war: retired heavy equipment operator


Amado I. Baluyot born 9/7/1944; died 4/26/1998; buried Glen Abbey (Bonita Ca) Memorial Park; Navy


Floyd E. Baluyot born 11/7/1922; died 10/18/2002; buried Orion Bataan Catholic Cemetery; Navy SD1, also Korean War & WW11 Veteran


Leonardo Tantiangco Baluyot born 4/11/1951 Philippines; died 9/30/1997; buried Fairmont (Fairfield Ca) Memorial Park Navy DTCS


Wilson Docuyanan Baluyot born 1/9/1926; died 8/20/2001; buried Ft. Richardson (Alaska) National Cemetery; Navy MM3; alsoWW11 & Korean War veteran


Capt Gregory Bambo, Jr.


Fred M. “Bobo” Barbosa * born5/10/1933 Philippines; died 1/25/1997 Waianae 1st Sgt Army; also Korean veteran


Bobby John Barcena * born 7/10/1947; died 2/27/1967 Casualty Quang Nam South Vietnam; Army Sp4c; Hakalau Hawaii; “Race: Malayan”


Avelino Nicolas Bareng born 11/10/1935; died 2/7/2008; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; Army SP4


Domingo Bareng * born 8/4/1943 Dingras, Ilocos Norte; died 8/4/2004 California; buried Valley Isle Mem Park Haiku, Hawaii; Army post-war resident Agoura Hills Ca; collection agent


Teotimo Gabalio Batis born 12/18 1913 Cebu Philippines; died 7/12/2002; buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery; Army SSgt, civilian: Kekaha Sugar Plantation tractor mechanic, also a Korean War Veteran


Rogelio Alibuyog Bayangos born 10/22/1935; died 7/18/2005; buried Private Family Cemetery Bustos Bulacan Philippines; Navy


Benedicto Piosalan Bayron * born 6/3/1934; died 11/6/1965 Casualty; body recovered; South Vietnam Troop C 9th Cav 1st Sqd Warrant Officer; helicopter pilot; crashed


Arthur A. Bibilone, Jr.* born 2/8/1944; died 6/20/1974 buried Nat. Mem. Cemetery of the Pacific, Army, SSgt


Ryan Richard Bibilone * born 1954 Honolulu; died 6/18/2004 buried Mililani Mem Park; Air Force


Daryl Benedict Bicoy * born 3/13/1948 Honolulu; died 6/20/2002 Queen’s Medical Center; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Sgt; post-war; employed @ Maui Community College


Tommy Bicoy born 4/5/1926 Ahukini Kauai; died 6/4/2004 St Francis West Hospice; buried Schofield Post Cemetery; also WW11 & Korean War veteran; retired Air Force SMSgt; civilian: retired from post office


Samson Bihag born 8/6/1930; died 10//1//1973; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army SP5, also Korean War veteran


Balbino E. Billamor Jr. * born 6/20/1932; died 9/30/1979; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army SGM; also Korean war veteran


Larry Kilito Bilonta * born 8/3/1939; died while MIA BR 12/16/1967 South Vietnam; Casualty; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Cpl Army


Jose Gotera Birco *** born 5/31/1936; died 1/11/1966 Army SSgt KIA S.Vietnam


Federico Bolosan born 9/23/1936 Lihue; died 2/25/2008 Ewa Beach; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Sfc Army, also Korean War veteran


Lawrence Bolosan retired w/ three tours in Vietnam; father of Chris, Junior Team USA Bowling champion, 2006


Domingo “Doming” Raymundo Sadava Borja ** born 2/1/1931 Brgy Tacdangan Cabatuan, Iloilo; Philippines; died 2/21/1967 near S. Vietnam & Laos (eastern) border KIA/MIA/BNR, while assisting a wounded team member, Sfc, HHC, C & C Det 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces Recon Team Vietnam War Awards: Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Service Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge

also a N. Korean POW (escaped)). Korean War Awards: Korean War Service Medal, Republic of Korea War Service Medal, UN Korean Service Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge

Notes:“Doming witnessed the death of his parents in the hands of the (WW11) Japanese Occupation Army ” Source: 7/3/2007 e-mail of Sfc, Ret. Fredrick H. Gray to Maria Elizabeth Embry. Sgt 1st Class Borja was the godfather of Fredrick Gray’s oldest son. Cpt Arthur Green, the other godfather also died in Vietnam

Additional Notes by M. E. Embry: 5/25/2008 e-mail rec. from Cpl Shoji T. Sadava (grdson of Sfc Domingo Borja) of Brgy Ayong Cabatuan Iloilo of the Philippines Army


Henry Carasi Bringas born 1/24/1942 Ilocos Sur Philippines; died 10/8/2006; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery SP5 Army; civilian: retired Hawaiian Airlines mechanic


Romeo Bunag * born 4/17/1922; died 12/21/1987; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy SD2, also Korean War & WW11 Veteran


Ray Legaspi Burdeos born in Butuan Agusan, Philippines; Coast Guard (1955-1976) Awards: Coast Guard Achievement Medal, Commandant Letter of Commendation, National Defense Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Expert Rifle Medal and Expert Pistol Medal. post-war: BSc health care services major in health care administration University of Texas; author of books: "Flips in Philadelphia" and "The Steward and the Captain's Daughter" (autobiographical) and Filipinos in the U.S. Navy & Coast Guard During the Vietnam War"


Juanito Buza * born 1928 Santa Ilocos Sur; Hawaii National Guard sent to Vietnam 1968; pre-war immigrated to Hawaii 1946 via SS Maunawili; employed Lanai Dole Pineapple Co. for one yr then @ Kekeha Sugar Co. for 44 yrs





Albert Cabanayan born 2/7/1945; died 3/5/1966 USMC Cpl KIA S. Vietnam; Maui, Hawaii resident


Patrick Francis Cabacungan born 9/8/1950; died 10/18/1980; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Navy DP1


Albert Cabanayan born 2/7/1945 Kahului Hawaii; died 3/5/1966 South Vietnam KIA; buried Maui County Veterans Cemetery; Cpl USMC; Cabanayan St. in Kailus named in his honor


William A. Cabasag * born 7/2/1923; died 5/30/1994; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; SSgt Army also, Korea & WW11 Veteran


Ronaldo Antopino Cabinte born 8/4/1949 Honolulu; died 6/26/1998 Chino (California) Valley Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Navy SN


Inocencio Cablayan, Jr ** born 7/22/1947; died 11/5/2000; buried Santa Maria Cemetery Dist; Air Force Sgt


Frederico “Bucky” Cabreros born 2/4/1932 Kahuku Hawaii; died 3/27/1999 Queen’s Hospital; buried Schofield Post Cemetery; Army Sfc (Ret) post-war U.S. Postal Service


Rolly Millo Cacal born 8/4/1945; died 8/6/2000; buried Paniqui (Tarlac) Memorial Park Philippines; Navy BUSM


Benjamin Cuengco Mariano born 3/13/1931 Philippines; died 6/14/1999; buried Virgen delos Remedios Cemetery Santa Rita Pampanga Navy PN1, also KoreanWar veteran


Benjamin Mariano, Sr born 6/18/1920; died 12/10/2000; buried Crownsville (Md) Veterans Cemetery; Sfc (Ret) Army, also WW11 (Death March, POW) & Korean War veteran;


Gerald Caday Mariano born 11/3/1939; died 12/24/2002; buried Colonial Grove (Virginia Beach Va) Memorial Park; Navy PO1


Victoroso Abugan “Vic” Calizo * born 11/22/1928 Aiea; died 9/11/2003; buried Schofield Barracks Post Cemetery; also Korean War veteran; electrician for Schofield Barracks


Simeon Allen “Sam” Callejo * Army Corps of Engr Vietnam construction projects; Civilian: B.S. Civil Engr; Chief of Staff Hawaii Gov Cayetano; VP for Adm. University of Hawaii


Sebastian Piadoche Canlas *** 1/20/1928-2/11/1966 Army PSgt KIA S.Vietnam


Bonnie Patalinghung Casas *** 7/11/1929-1/27/1966 Army SSgt KIA S.Vietnam


Eddy S. Castillo * born 6/17/1925 Samar Philippines; died 12/12/1996 Castle Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Platoon Sgt Army also, Korean War & WW11 veteran; post-war: deputy marshall U.S. Depatment of Justice


Manolito Wisco Castillo *** 10/11/1938-3/30/1965 Navy SK2 KIA S.Vietnam


Edilberto Mejia Cayabyab born 2/25/1922; died 1/16/2003; buried Eternal Gardens Dagupan Pangasinan Philippines also Korean & WW11veteran; Navy


Henry R. Crisostomo born 7/15/1941; died 7/8/2005; buried Himlayang Cavitenio Cemetery Cavite city Navy TA


Serafin Salazar Crisostomo born 1/21/1924 Corregidor Philippines; died 4/8/1998; buried Tacoma (Wash) Cemetery; Army CW3 also in Korean War & Okinawa, WW11veteran (Battery E 91st Coast Artillery {PS} Death March POW Capas)


Gene R. Cuizon born 9/2/1947; died 11/5/1996 Omao Kauai; buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery; Sgt Air Force; post-war: retired police officer; Wilcox Elementary School teacher


Modesto Cunanan born 6/25/1930 Philippines; died 6/2/2005 Philippines; Navy Fleet Marines, retired Petty Officer; father of Andrew Phillip Cunanan (1969-1997 Re: Gianni Versace)




Francisco Dela Cruz Dacanay *** 7/24/1926-1/13/1967 Army Sgt KIA S.Vietnam


Theodore Daligdig, 3rd * suffered combat wounds; father was WW11 veteran; post-war: Col (Ret); State of Hawaii Director of Education & Health Programs, Hawaii National Guard


Terry Daligdig * Staff Sgt Award: Purple Hearts (5) father was WW11 veteran; son served in Iraq War


Vicente Royeca Daligdig born 7/24/1924 Philippines; died 9/2/2004; buried Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery; Navy DM1; post-war retired draftsman Navy engineer, also Korean War veteran


Rolando Cuevas Dayao *** 6/29/1935-10/2/1969 Navy PN1 Non-Hos. died-

      Other BNR aircraft loss in N. Vietnam/Over Water; duty station: USS Walker


Juan Pedro Dela Cruz born 4/12/1943 Philippines; died 12/11/1998; buried Floral Gardens Laoag  Ilocos Norte Philippines Navy


Bienvenido Geniza Dona *** 6/12/1927-3/23/1966 Navy HM3 KIA S.Vietnam


Alfredo N. Dumlao


Vicente Fadera Dumlao born 7/19/1920; died 1/18/2007; buried Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery; SDC Navy, also WW11 & Vietnam war veteran





George Valdez Embry born in 1927; died 10/19/1989 Quezon City Philippines; Army combat medic for 3 yrs in Korea; also in the Vietnam War Navy Ret Senior Chief personnelman


Joseph Valdez Embry born in 1929 Ret US Army







The recruiter told me
I could see the world
Travel to distant lands
And fight for freedom
And justice everywhere
He told me
I would be a hero

A hero that
swaps decks
Does laundry
Cooks food
Cleans machinery
Never seeing
But lifeless
Gray metal
From within

The recruiter told me
I could move up the ranks
Maybe become captain
And win battles
And defend our country anywhere
He told me
I would be a hero

A hero that
Irons uniforms
Catered to officers
Washed dishes
Polished brass
Never seeing
But lifeless
Gray metal
From within

The recruiter told me
How good it was
To be in the Navy
He never told me he lied.


Previously published:  FANHS SD Newsletter Winter 1998, Volume 2, Issue 4

Copied from of Nestor P. Enriquez

Filipinos Vietnam War US military Service